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I  tutor students in middle and high school, college, and graduate/professional school in English, Humanities, History, research essays, personal essays, and any other writing-based subject. I am also an experienced writing coach for college and independent school admissions essays. In addition, I have worked with 2nd-language students.

I conduct online tutoring via Zoom.

Contact me for a free consultation.

Read reviews of my teaching from my former UCLA first-year writing students here.

If you are looking for a writing tutor, I’d like to recommend Eric Gudas, Ph.D. My daughter was assigned an essay in her English Literature class. He helped my daughter develop a solid thesis statement and carefully walked her through the evidence and commentaries for the body paragraphs to ensure they supported the thesis. All the sessions were over Zoom and they worked really well. In addition to school assignments, he also specializes in the college admission essay. He’s very familiar with the University of California and Common Application topics. We are definitely going to ask for his help for our children on their college essays.

—Tom, Irvine, California, “Parents Looking for Tutors” Facebook group


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