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College Applications and Tutoring

Eric Gudas really helped me to refine my college application essays. He got me to better understand the prompts and how I could better adhere to them while guiding me in finding and developing the weaker parts of my essay to bring it together as a strong cohesive piece of writing. I deeply enjoyed working with him and look forward to working with him in the future.

—Faith, UC Berkeley student, class of 2026

Dr. Gudas helped me review and strengthen my Common Application and UC essays, along with essays for my AP English class. Ultimately, I was accepted into UCLA, USC, UCI, UCSB, and other colleges. Without the assistance of Dr. Gudas, my college application essays would definitely not have been as refined. During sessions, he really helps you understand the prompts and find your own ways to answer them. He is also skilled at grammar-fixing and sentence-structuring. Furthermore, Dr. Gudas has a great personality and is enjoyable to work with. I would recommend Dr. Gudas to anybody looking for any sort of help with writing, especially college application essays.

—Jason Ni, UCLA student, class of 2027

Dr. Gudas helped me greatly through the college essay writing process, from concept to polishing my final drafts. He is understanding, his comments and suggestions are insightful, and his eye for grammar and syntax are superb. Dr. Gudas helped me create no less than four stellar essays that helped me gain entry to many colleges. Also, Dr. Gudas was able to encourage me to write essays that had me in them, so I was able to show the colleges who I am. Dr. Gudas’ help is one of the reasons I’m going to college today, and Dr. Gudas is an exceptional person and writer.

—Pierce, University of Florida student, class of 2027

We really appreciate your help with our son’s college essay writing. After working with you, he started to put real effort into the writing. As I read his drafts at different stages, I began to appreciate the value of essay writing as part of college application. I am glad you were guiding him during this process. Your guidance will have a long-term effect on him. I also listened to your podcast, and got some good advice for parents.

—Parent of UC Davis student, class of 2027

Eric Gudas’s thoughtful and intelligent editing skills will keep your own voice front and center even as he improves your writing. Eric brings decades of experience as an educator to his tutoring of middle and high school students. Eric knows the craft of writing inside and out, and I would happily trust him to tutor my own kids.—Matt Selman, Executive Producer, The Simpsons

If you are looking for a writing tutor, I’d like to recommend Eric Gudas, Ph.D. My daughter was assigned an essay in her English Literature class. Dr. Gudas was knowledgeable about the novel (he has years of teaching experience so he’s familiar with all the standard ones they teach in schools). He helped my daughter develop a solid thesis statement and carefully walked her through the evidence and commentaries for the body paragraphs to ensure they supported the thesis. He didn’t write the essay for her. He has a keen eye for noticing inconsistencies, ambiguous statements, weak arguments, etc. My daughter did well on the two assignments he helped with and she ended up with an A in the class for the semester. All the sessions were over Zoom and they worked really well. In addition to school assignments, he also specializes in the college admission essay. He’s very familiar with the University of California and Common Application topics. We are definitely going to ask for his help for our children on their college essays.

—Tom, Irvine, California, “Parents Looking for Tutors” Facebook group



Graduate School Applications & Former Students

Read reviews of my teaching from my former UCLA first-year writing students here.

Prior to collaborating with Dr. Eric Gudas, I had been previously unsuccessful in my attempts to gain admission to a graduate nursing program. Yet, Dr. Gudas’s guidance and mentorship reignited my passion to keep pursuing my aspirations. Together, we were able to produce clear, convincing, and concise personal essays that showcased my individual narrative voice. Dr. Gudas’s pivotal involvement during the application process largely contributed to my acceptance into a top-tier Master of Science in Nursing degree program at my first-choice dream school. Dr. Gudas’s knowledge of the craft of writing and his level of professionalism are unmatched, and he will serve as my primary collaborator for future writing projects.

—Julie, UCLA Master of Science in Nursing student, Class of 2026

Eric Gudas advised me throughout the graduate school application process when I applied for an M.F.A., and his feedback on my Personal Statement and Personal History and Diversity Statement was extremely important in getting admitted to three out of the four programs I applied for. As an experienced teacher and academic, Eric is tuned-in to the nuances of higher education, and so his suggestions ensured that my application documents would land with the right audience.

—Olivia Soule, M.F.A., Creative Writing, University of Nevada at Reno, 2018

Not only did Dr. Gudas help refine my writing but was instrumental in shaping my ideas into a well thought out essay. I feel fortunate to have found Dr. Gudas for my personal statement for graduate school and look forward to working with him on any future writing projects.

—Simran Phadnis, UCLA Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology B.S. 2019

Dr. Gudas was my Freshman year English professor at UCLA. His teaching style is unique, because he really tries to get to know you and your story when revising your papers. Rather than simply reading my papers to check for simple spelling or grammar mistakes, he pushed me in ways that allowed me to think outside the box, which helped me grow as a writer.

—Franca Park, UCLA Psychobiology B.S. 2019

Eric Gudas is a well-accomplished and brilliant writer. Students would be fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him.—Anastasia P. Samaras, Ph.D., Professor of Education, College of Education and Human Development, George Mason University


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