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If you need an expert to coach you through the process of writing the essays or personal statements for your college or graduate school applications, look no further. I can help.

As an Essay Specialist at College Focus, in Pasadena, California, I worked with many, many students on the personal statements for their college applications. I am very familiar with the writing prompts from the University of California system, the Common Application, and other American colleges and universities. I have also worked privately with applicants to all kinds of graduate programs.

My approach is to help you write the essay only you can write. Your authenticity will help your essay stand out from the many cookie-cutter essays that admissions officers spend most of the day reading. 

I work with clients in-person and remotely in the greater Los Angeles area. I also work remotely with clients all over the world, including international students. In addition to admissions essays, I also help edit other kinds of statements and proposals, such as independent school application essays and artist's statements.


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