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Writing and Editing Process--How We'll Work (2)

  • Outline essays according the specific application prompts. I can help you find a balance between following the prompts to the letter while at the same time getting that material from the first part of our process in there. This part is tricky because admissions officers want to see you address each part of the prompt precisely, but they don't want to read an essay that sounds like a robot wrote it. You're not a robot, though! And I can help you thread that needle between answering the prompts and creating a narrative that addresses the topic while at the same time it showcases your uniqueness.

    • Creating a narrative is key.​ Essays that contain lists of accomplishments will make your readers' eyes glaze over. Readers of all stripes, admissions officers included, respond to compelling, original stories that illustrate key ideas. You can always put that citizenship award you won Spring, 2018 somewhere else in your application, but your admissions essay gives your readers a chance to get to know you through a well-told story about yourself.

Part 3

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