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Writing and Editing Process--How We'll Work (1)

I don't have a cookie-cutter approach to working with my personal essay clients, but I generally follow this process:

  • You'll figure out which schools to apply to by yourself and with the help of anyone advising you. So I don't come into the picture until you have a set of essay prompts for schools to which you're applying. (Please read my disclaimer if you haven't already.)

  • Before we even look at the prompts, though, I encourage you to free-write about specific attributes make you, well you. What are your passions, talents, unique attributes? For instance, most high school students have done some volunteer work; but what aspect of your volunteer project exemplifies you? If you come home and put on your favorite jazz saxophone album while you do your homework every day, that's great, but what does your passion for jazz say about you? Why do you want to go to med school?

Part 2

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